2018 Workshops

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

10:00am-1:00pm (Lunch provided-first-come-first serve)
Creating Future Ready Schools BYOD (Bring your own device)
Facilitated by: Paul Romero, Rio Rancho Public School and John Chadwick, NM Public Education Department, and Terri Meier, Rio Rancho Public Schools and Neal Weaver, Santa Fe Public Schools (About Future Ready)
Location: Franciscan

Cyber Security – A Statewide Approach
Facilitated by: Jeff Gassaway, University of NM and Luis Brown, Central NM Community College and John Roberts, NM State University and Joe Gieri, NM Highlands University
Location: Turquoise

Networking Meeting
Facilitated by: Norma Grijalva, NM State University and Piyasat Nilkaew, NM State University
Location: Potters

NM Consortium Meeting

Facilitated by: Alesia Torres, University of NM
Location: Franciscan

Thursday, October 25, 2018

10:00am- 11:00am The next generation of Chromebooks, providing students the tools they need for student centered learning
Presented by: Mark Carrara, Amy Biehl High School
Location: Fireplace
An Overview of UNM Banner 9 Project Implementation
Presented by: Nader Khalil, University of NM and Sterling Crow, University of NM
Location: Franciscan
10:10am-10:55am Delivering a Digital Backpack from the Cloud
Presented by: Luis Avila, VMware – in partnership with ANM
Location: Potters
Canvas in the Classroom
Presented by: Dominic Mandel, Santa Fe Public Schools
Location: Weavers
Journey to the Self-Protecting Hybrid Cloud with Datrium and Ardham Technologies
Presented by: Coleman Sanders, Datrium and
Dave Zenz, Datrium and Nicole Abreu, Ardham Technologies
Location: Turquoise
11:10am-11:55am Dojo Does That
Presented by: Erin Armijo, Class Dojo, Tres Volcanes Community Collaborative
Location: Fireplace
Banner Product Roadmap
Presented by: Rick Skeel, Ellucian and in partnership with the NM Enterprise Consortium
Location: Potters
Engage in Hands-On Augmented Reality Learning with zSpace!
Presented by: Slater Ohm, Riverside Technologies, Inc (RTI), and Thessa Monaco, zSpace
Location: Weavers
Security- Is your School Prepared Presented by: Phil Houser Document Solutions Inc and Jocelyn Gorman, Document Solutions Inc and Michael Lewis, Assa Abloy
Location: Turquoise
11:15am-12:15pm Network Dual Stack Configuration:  A live demonstration of configuring IPv6 on existing IPv4 networks
Presented by: Steve Perry, University of NM and Piyasat Nilkaew, NM State University
Location: Franciscan
11:55am-1:30pm Lunch in Exhibit Hall and Exhibitor Speakers
1:30pm-2:15pm Digital credentialing as a tool to foster future of work mindset
Presented by: Erica Volkers, Central NM Community College and Asa Stone, Central NM Community College
Location: Potters
Enhancing Education, Safety, and Security for Students as well as Staff
Presented by: Chi Babich, Advanced Presentation Systems and Brandon Rees, Wilson Electronics, and Cliff Wernet, BTX Technologies
Location: Weavers
Campus Modernization with Banner Extensibility and the Ellucian Ethos Framework
Presented by: Jacob Chandler, Ellucian and in partnership with the NM Enterprise Consortium
Location: Franciscan
Experience first hand a Simple Mobile Application from Aruba to mobilize your campus environment
Presented by: Danette Maurino, CB Technologies and Michael Stebick, CB Technologies and Dion Padilla, CB Technologies
Location: Turquoise
1:30pm-2:30pm Powering Digital Transformation in Smart Cities: The Role of Smart Buildings and Smart Universities
Presented by: Mark Reynolds, University of NM
Location: Fireplace
2:15-3:15pm Break and Poster Sessions
3:00pm-4:00pm Systems Administrators’ Meetup (seating is limited, please sign up at the NMTIE Registration Desk)
Facilitiated by: Brandon Costales-Wise, NM State University and Matt Henderson, NM State University
Location: Rendering Room
3:15pm-4:15pm The State of Cybersecurity Education
Presented by: Stephen Miller, Eastern New Mexico University
Location: Fireplace
Assistive Technology for Classroom Independence
Presented by: Jesse Armijo, NM Technology Assistance Program and Sophia DeConti, NM Technology Assistance Program
Location: Potters
3:20pm-4:05pm Doing More With Less: how to improve efficiencies while budgets stagnate or shrink
Presented by: Richard Martinez, Sharp Business Systems and Ron Hollenback, PrinterLogic
Location: Weavers
Banner Q&A
Presented by: Ellucian and in partnership with the NM Enterprise Consortium
Location: Franciscan
Succeeding at Security Automation and Orchestration (SOAR)
Presented by: Steve Brodson World Wide Technology
Location: Turquoise
4:25pm-5:10pm Building an IT Pipeline for New Mexico – the role of K-12, Higher Ed and industry
Presented by: Jamai Blivin, Innovate+Educate and Dr. Brian Ormand, NM State University, Art Martinez, Mid Region Council ON Governments NM and Charles Ashley, Cultivating Coders
Location: Fireplace
HTTP Refresher (now with REST!)
Presented by: Greg Gomez, University of NM
Location: Potters
Data Storage – Cloud to NVMe
Presented by: Marc Robson, Tegile, a Western Digital Brand
Location: Weavers
Preparing for Cloud Migration and modernization
Presented by: Adam Lenhart, Ellucian and in partnership with the NM Enterprise Consortium
Location: Franciscan
Saving Time and Manpower When Working With Your Website ADA Compliance and More!
Presented by:
Teddy Gabbart, Gabbart Communications and Tyler Renstrom, Gabbart Communications
Location: Turquoise
5:30pm-7:00pm NMTIE Social (Q-Bar-next to the NMTIE Registration Desk)

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Friday, October 26, 2018

8:30am-9:30am Broadband Deficiencies Correction Program (BDCP) – What is it and What can it do for your school?
Presented by: Ovidiu Viorica, Public School Facilities Authority and Richard Govea, Public School Facilities Authority and Jerry Smith, Public School Facilities Authority
Location: Fireplace
UNM and NEC:  Orchestrating a Brighter World
Presented by: Mark Reynolds, University of NM and Stuart Ozer, NEC
Location: Potters
Adapting the NIST-800-171 Guidelines and the NIST-800-171A security guidelines into a Risk Assessment Tool for assessing research contracts
Presented by: Grace Faustino, University of NM
Location: Turquoise
9:00am-11:00am Using storytelling to better understand our work around the Whole Child: EdSurge Teaching & Learning Circle
Presented by: Molly Levitt, Ed Surge and Elizabeth LeBlanc, Institute for Teaching and Leading/Taos Academy Charter School
Location: Weavers
9:45am-10:30am Safety and Security- From Assessment to Implementation
Presented by: Jesse Pickard, APIC and Brian Henington, NM Highlands University and Lisa Hecker, NM Public Education Department
Location: Fireplace
Upcoming Trends of Virtualization
Presented by: David Harmon, HVE ConneXions and Eric Cummingham, HVE ConneXions
Location: Potters
Esports in Education
Presented by: Joseph McAllister, CDWG
Location: Turquoises
10:55am-11:55am The Evolution of Cyber Security – Where We Are and Where We May be Going
Presented by: Luis Brown, Central NM Community College
Location: Fireplace
Taking Students Down the $martPath: Integrating Technology and Financial Literacy
Presented by: Adrijana Kowatsch, UC Economics Center
Location: Potters
Evolving Compliance from a multitude of standards to a programmatic approach with Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI)
Presented by: Jeff Gassaway, University of NM and Mark Orgeron, University of NM and Elaine Rising, University of NM
Location: Franciscan
Automate New Employee Orientation Process
Presented by: Pei Pei, Central NM Community College
Location: Turquoise

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