Journey to the Self-Protecting Hybrid Cloud with Datrium and Ardham Technologies

Gone are the days that IT staff want to configure, manage, and troubleshoot their infrastructure. IT administrators demand simplicity; they just want to run and protect any workload at any scale – on-prem or in the cloud. Datrium provides a unified hybrid cloud platform for running critical, high performance workloads on-prem with integrated protection and cloud data mobility. Our unique 2-layer architecture addresses the shortcomings of traditional HCI for end-to-end simplicity at enterprise scale. • Simple at Scale with 10x less admin time • Commodity servers and flash with 10x better performance • No Backup Silos with 10x faster recovery • Extend to the cloud with 10x lower cost and Failproof DR Datrium delivers a new breed of hybrid cloud infrastructure with consumer-grade simplicity by combining compute, primary and secondary storage, and cloud backup/DR into a single platform.

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