Call for Presenters

Present at the 2023 NMTIE Conference!

Deadline for Proposal: September 6, 2023
Submit by August 31st to be entered in a drawing for a prize!

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Click Here to submit your Presentation Topic

Presenter Information: NMTIE is being hosted in person, and all presentations will be live.  You will be notified by September 15th if your proposal was accepted.

NOTE for Attendee registrants: If your proposal is accepted, your registration for NMTIE will be *FREE. If you register before you have submitted your presentation or have been notified of your acceptance, a credit or waiver to your registration record will be posted. *limit to one free registration per proposal

If you are an exhibitor or vendor all presentations submitted must be presented with a K-20 educational institution. If you are an exhibitor who purchased a package with a presentation please submit your presentation here.